Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | June 16, 2006

kind of welcome message

It’s “”the”” Friday, end of the week for a lot of people but not for Labrys, we have most of the activities on weekends because this is when our queer bunch have more time to show up. So tomorrow at 6 pm there will be just a usual gathering, nothing specific planned because we will have a bunch of repairing people over. On Sunday there will be FtM support group meeting. (FtM means female-to-male transgender/transsexual people). There is a lot to discuss because we finally won the right for Sasha (22, FtM) to receive hormonal therapy, it has been weeks and at least four visits to different medical institutions. The most often heard response :: this is the first time I (we) hear anything like this, go to Almaty :: (which is 4-hour drive to the neighboring republic of Kazakhstan which has more resources and a clinic where they do not make “”square eyes”” when they see “”transsexual”” as a diagnosis). These definitely were tough times but finally we were referred to a private clinic which is considered to be among the top gynecological clinics in Kyrgyzstan, there Sasha took medical tests to check the level of hormones and had to go through a check up by a urologist who thought that Sasha was intersexed. Later the urologist did make “”square eyes”” and said that he will not take the responsibility for prescribing hormones. Sasha really was upset, spent a fortune on med tests and still same reaction so he went to the head doctor and complained so she agreed to have the final call for medical specialists. This is when we had a whole delegation at the head doctor’s office – two transguys, one bookworm who has been reading and reading about trans* people and a 5th year medical student who translated a book on providing medical care to FtMs. This worked, the trio was convinced but Labrys promised that we will provide medical books in Russian and English by the end of June so that they can design a scheme for treatment. This is what we are working on right now. So this is the first entry, more to follow. We are hoping for questions, it’s difficult to tell the whole one year and a half story 😉


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