Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | June 24, 2006

another weekend at Labrys

This weekend is the gyn propaganda weekend, we had a training on why lesbian, bi women and transmen should go to the gyn. Turned out nice because we have not really talked about it before much. The reasons of why we don’t go and there were plenty ranging from no time to negative previous experiences with gyns (having to make up stories about our sex lives, for example). It was good to find out that some people actually do use condoms and latex stuff for sex, it was our assumption that very few people did but today it turned out that there are more of us. The coolest news is that we got the flyers for a KirgisTRANS party in Berlin which is a solidarity (and fundraising) party organized by a bunch of amazing activist people. So if any of you are around Berlin on 30 June 8 pm, please, stop by. So far we have been receiving all sorts of cool stuff like binders for the transbois and lots of books on transgender/transsexual issues for our info center at Labrys. We are in the process of translating them into Russian and will be spreading info around the whole of the former Soviet Union. One more news is a meeting with a media person from our donor HIVOS (Netherlands) that we had on Thursday. She was very supportive of us having a website but very sad that we have very slow dial-connection (which we hope will not time this text out while it’s being written). The problem with internet is that we have to apply for it to the local Telecom place where they seem to be reluctant to do the necessary procedures fast (we were told it’d be at least two months). Sasha news (our transitioning star): he is doing well, is looking forward to the meeting with doctors on around 3 July time. Before that we have to brush up piles of information for the doctors to read (see the more info on this story earlier on this LJ). Also Sasha is supposed to go to OutGames in Montreal, he got a full scholarship for that from HIVOS and soon is to get his ticket so for now he only needs to take care of the visa issues So we are trying to get this arranged somehow. For him it’d be the first ever visit abroad and he has never met anyone trans post-op so Montreal would be a real inspiration plus he has his story to tell about our victories in here. More news from kind of abroad: we got the books ordered from (which means it is possible to deliver them to Kyrgyzstan!). This was made possible thanks to Richard from Berlin and a bunch of other friendly people in Berlin.


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