Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | June 30, 2006


ALEX hello, everybody it’s alex from kyrgyzstan – trouble’s Bishkek. tomorrow is friday, so finally we’ll have rest, labrys’people plan to go to the mountains on week-end. i’m thinking about workshop – we’ll do different exrcises, and IF i do it, would be interesting for our lesbians, bisexuals… so, what we have for now is ONE good news – yesterday we had disco, and there i met one new FtM transgender. he probably doesn’t know that there is transgroup in labrys, because i had no time to talk to him – he was busy by dancing and meeting with LBT people. but, maybe on Monday we’ll meet and talk. i’m a bit nervous – tomorrow is deadline to give documents to AUCA – most liberal and the strongest university in our country. but it’s also very expensive and i don’t know will i get scholarship, otherwise i can’t finish my education. 5 years ago i had to leave my university, because they told me that they don’t want such kind of a guy to study there. they thought i’m lesbian, i wish i were :))) anyway i feel i need education to help people the best way as i’m working as social worker now. we’ll see… Dan (one our FtM and my close friend)was beaten last week-end by crowd of young boys, as usually they wanted to know is he a girl or not. he’s fine, but feels bad about his look. literally: “”i look as a girl, and i understand that even after transition i will still have problems on the streets””. i can understand why he is so sad, we both are short and and often get in troubles with crowd of boys. Since July 1 we will begin translating books on transgender issues, which our friends from Europe and States sent us – they helped me, and soon all our transbois plus other Russian speaking bois will enjoy them, too 🙂 i’m thinking about what we could do for MtF transgenders – we have two girls now, and seems like we need consultance with someone who has an experience of work with them. “”Oasis””[gay organization] doesn’t work with them, so that’s why our bois decided to help them. well, at least we have a will to help, maybe it’s not so scary as it seems. it’s midnight almost, and i’m in the office as always, we have one shelter client now and i stay with her to make sure she’s o.k.


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