Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | June 30, 2006

the day of the soli party in Berlin

Yes, this is THE day. We’ve been emailing back and forth with Berlin and smsing, too. It’s already 9:40 pm here but not yet party time in Berlin (4-hour time difference). It’s awesome that there is so much solidarity, we need it here. 😦 Today we were editing articles for the Labrys journal, there is a story of one of the women who was kidnapped into marriage (Kyrgyz tradition) and then lived with a violent husband for five years. She left him in 2002 and is now dating a woman. What is scary is that her violent situation is common for this region. When we started Labrys we did not realize that there would be so much pain involved in living lives as women in general and lesbian women in particular and transmen in Kyrgyzstan. We know of five rape cases, dozens of cases of family violence, some of partner violence (including female partners). This is definitely something to be worked on. 🙂 Coming back to something positive: We are going to the mountains tomorrow for the weekend with 20 LBT people of different age and from different ethnic groups. The two goals are to talk about problems that we face living in this society and to have our own space. The workshops will deal with most common issues: coming out, telling parents/children about sexual orientation/gender identity, same-sex and queer families, activism, safer sex. Should be very good, it’s the first event of this kind so we are very excited. Thanks flying to Berlin for the event, wish we were there. 🙂


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