Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | August 6, 2006

after the GenderTalk interview

We got a call at 7:30 am from Boston from GenderTalk on Sunday and spoke for 25 minutes about the work we do here. Difficult to know how many people listened to the broadcast if they (you) come to this blog, you are welcome to read through. We are trying to make it readable. The interview was really an inspiration. Some of the recent news: 1. There are five people who will be going to Girlz Get United activist meeting to Krivoj Rog, Ukraine. Girlz Get United is a group of women and transgender people who are feminist and queer activists in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and now Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz participants’ attendance possible thanks to Mamacash grant ( The funding will go towards renovating an LGBT community house in Krivoj Rog and bringing Kyrgyz participants there. The event starts on 13 August. 2. A little update on Labrys projects: We are going to have 4 projects in 2006-2007, two of them have already been started and we are waiting for the funding to come for two more. We are going to cover a lot of different areas relevant to LBT lives with these projects: 1. LGBT Community Empowerment Through HIV/AIDS Prevention . Difficult title but actually a project aimed at increasing the capacity of LGBT organizations in the former Soviet Union (Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia and Kyrgyzstan). The funding comes from Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs via CoC-Netherlands ( 2. Project Elf has three main programs: a research project which includes a rapid needs assessment of LBT community and an in-depth study of major issues relevant to living as LBT in Kyrgyzstan; a transgender project with TRANSlation (English materials on transgender issues into Russian) and Transgender Support Group components; and media component “”See LBT”” which is aimed at improving our information materials and strategies. The funding for Project Elf comes from HIVOS (Also Dutch NGO 3. Shelter for LBT people who have to run away from home because of the pressure and violence from the side of their families due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. This project is funded by Global Fund for Women ( 4. Finally a small project for information materials for general public and NGOs is funded by Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (


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