Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | August 11, 2006


News number one which is very disappointing is that our organizational email has been hacked. Therefore, DO NOT use labrys_kg@ email anymore if you have been using it. We have two functioning emails now: and, feel free to write to either but the first one is the official organizational email. The second news is that Labrys friend and supporter Ric* from Berlin came to visit Bishkek. He is helping a lot with organizational matters and gathering the FtM bois for different activities. Thanks so much, Ric! Third news is that Labrys office has been flooded with people in the past couple days for some reason, total attendance of 15 people or so. Is it summer sun or autumn coming soon? Or maybe they want to see the new Journal issue which will be out Saturday 12 August. By the way, orders for the journal are welcome for the new issue, it is in Russian but the pictures are very nice and there is an English page. Write to if you want a copy. There have been some shifts in staff and we are now looking for a new coordinator for a project with CoC (details in previous post). We need somebody local who speaks English with NGO and HIV/AIDs experience and LBT-friendly. GGU is very close and some of the Kyrgyz participants have already started their journey to Krivoj Rog.


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