Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | August 17, 2006

flood in the office and our postal address

Today was a crazy day, at 5 am a water pipe broke in the office so it got flooded, we managed to protect the computers and documents but it was scary especially when we found out that it’s impossible to fix it until morning. We’d be really swimming in the office if not for some brave people who came to get the water out. One requested thing is our postal address . Labrys p.o. box 1969 Glavpochamt Bishkek 720000 Kyrgyzstan Alex had a problem with Registrar’s office of the university, they issued an ID in his female (passport) name and did not want to change it, and were really rude to him. We want to make it a case, write an official letter about how risky it is for Alex to have a female ID (he has to show it whenever he enters the university buildings which can be dozens of times a day). Also the reigstrar’s office still is not aware of respecting gender identity. One of them said to another one “”Do what she (Alex) wants””. Labrys will do something, hopefully a transgender sensitivity discussion or seminar while Ric is here.


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