Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | September 13, 2006

one more transphobic case and news

Transphobia. Alex was called a ‘hermaphrodite’ in a Bishkek cafe, a young woman recognized his face from the photo in Vecherniy Bishkek article published in May (which is soon to be posted here in translated version).

HIVOS Transfer. The recent Labrys news is that finally HIVOS transfer has been made and the projects with media, needs assessment and transgender project are going to be fully active.

Seminar on Safer Sex. The first seminar after the August trips is going to take place on Saturday, it is devoted to safer sex and in particular using lubricants. The title in Russian is “”Ne tormozi – poskolzi”” (the translation would be like ‘Don’t be slow – slip it smoothly’).


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