Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | October 2, 2006

Project News

29-30 September Alex attended Southern Eastern European Q Network of LGBTIQ organizations working in Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia. The meeting had a discussion about the situation in the region and further projects were planned. Alex has met with representatives of donor organization Mamacash, Global Fund for Women and ASTRAEA. The projects that ‘Labrys’ is initiating with support of GFW and ASTRAEA were discussed in detail. Labrys’ commitment to be reach out to Kyrgyz-speaking LBT people was emphasized during the meetings. Alex was interviewed for a Croatian journal, link to be posted later. 
27 September Disco and a commitment ceremony. Russian Irishka and Kyrgyz Altyna celebrated their commitment ceremony at the disco organized by ‘Labrys’. 50 people attended the disco.  The overall theme of the disco was using lubricants and going to the gynecologist. Special stickers with poems about gynecologist as well as condoms and lubricants were distributed at the discos Some of them experienced problems after the disco on their way home.
26 September  Transgender seminar for ‘Oasis’ organization in Bishkek. ‘Oasis’  has requested to have a training on transgender issues due to ‘Labrys’ response to their interview to Vecherniy Bishkek (see the translation of the article earlier in the blog) in which a FtM transsexual Sasha was presented as a lesbian woman. 30 people mostly gay men attended the seminar conducted by Sasha, Transgender Project Coordinator at ‘Labrys’. Some of the issues raised during the seminar were  the reasons for sex reassignment and why it is needed if one cannot be a ‘real’ man or woman, the identities of partners of trans* people, the reactions of Sasha’s parents to his transition, how transgender people can become parents, about the health issues involved in transition and expenses for it. Sasha was called suicidal because of his decision to transition due to a popular belief that transsexual people do not live long once they have transitioned. One point of concern from the audience was FtMs who ‘transition to become gay’. 2 Kyrgyz transwomen from Osh (Kyrgyzstan’s second largest town in the traditional south) approached Sasha after the seminar and requested more information about the transgender support group.
24 September Presentation at G?teborg Book Fair in Sweden. Anna Kirey who is taking graduate courses in Social Work in G?teborg, Sweden, made a presentation about LGBT situation in Kyrgyzstan. Main issues discussed: violence against LGBT, what can activists in Sweden do to help.

Transition advocacy and news. Sasha has been walking from one clinic door to another for the past months. As of now the doctors found with the help of the contacts from Soros Foundation who have experience working with hormonal treatment, are discussing Sasha’s situation. They will come up with a written document for Sasha to be able to change his official documents legally. 


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