Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | November 22, 2006

alive and working

It has been a long time since the last journal update. Of course, there is a lot of news ready to be consumed by the readers. 

Good news

First and foremost, Labrys is working on all our activities finally after the waiting months of summer. 

The first research findings are already available about the general picture of the LBT people we work with. 

Shelter has been working for over a month and already had three clients and two visitors. 

‘Labrys’ staff Anna Kirey took part in fact-finding mission on LGBT situation in Kazakhstan.

‘Labrys’ is serving as an information point on transgender issues. We have a request from Moldovan LGBT organization GenderDoc-M to share materials on transgender issues.

‘Labrys’ has organized two discos in October and November. Both with attendance from 35 to 75 people. 

Two ‘Labrys’ representatives took part in ILGA-Europe conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. New contacts were made and the interviews with European trans* activists will be published in the upcoming issues of ‘Labrys’ journal.

The journal issue number 7 is on its way, it will be an improved version with twice more information than usual and we are back to previous designer.

Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan representatives interviewed members of transgender support group about their lives and is putting together a report about it. 

Not so good news

Alex who is running the shelter was beaten up by shelter clients. 
‘Labrys’ is working slower than before due to staff restructuring and four projects.


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