Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | February 5, 2007

Update on different activities

January activities.
During the January weeks  ’Labrys’ has been doing its usual activities: there was a disco and trainings along with preparing the issue number 8 of journal.  

Journal by post

Issue number 7 is out and sent out to partner organizations and individuals, if you have not received it but would like to, please, send your postal address to .

Email news
Also we have been collecting emails of the people who would like to receive ‘Labrys’ news and information by email, we have about twenty emails so far. If you would like to be included in the email list, let us know. The emails with news will come approximately once in two weeks.

There was a trans* support group meeting where a decision was made that ‘Labrys’ can provide medical support only for those transsexuals who have obtained an official diagnosis of ‘transsexualism’. Also one of the transbois had a hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus) and is now working on a court case to be officially able to change documents. The case, unfortunately, will be an individual court case and not a precedent. 

Research data.
We have finished data collection from the needs assessment part of the research project, as of now there were 94 interviews made, 
9 respondents either stopped half way through the interview, we are waiting for emailed quesstionnaires from two respondents.

Translation of older ‘Labrys ‘ journal articles into English.
Translations of articles in issues of ‘Labrys’ 1 and 2 are now available in English, thank you to Human Rights Watch for translation.


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