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Labrys Restructuring, News and Links

As ‘Labrys’ is proceeding with its work and getting more and more training on organizational development, we decided to restructure the organization to make its work more logical and goal-oriented.
Under the new structure there are two executive positions – Chair and Executive Director. The work of organization is structured around two main programs: 

Working with LBT (and maybe Asian gay men in the future) 
Information component
Support and consolidation component
Psycho-social component
Sexual Health component

Working with society

Each program has specific components and each component has a staff person responsible for it. The new structure should enable the staff to have a feeling of ownership in the organization.

Preparation for 17 May and project progress news.

Publications. Right now ‘Labrys’ team is busy with preparing publications for the 17 May (brochure about homosexuality) and putting together a new journal issue. Other issues are available upon request from Jika who is responsible for LBT community information and the journal. We would need your postal address to send the journals. If you are on our list and have not received the journals, please, contact Vika Kartseva (‘Labrys’ Chair) at or

Training. PRECIS Project with COC-Netherlands and partner organizations in the former Soviet Union has been actively involving all the staff members in different types of training. On 20-24 May Kyrgyzstan is hosting the advocacy training in the framework of this project. ILGA-Europe ( ) is co-organizing this event.

Annual report. There was a visit from HIVOS to ‘Labrys’ in March and one of its outcomes is putting together an annual report about ‘Labrys’ work in 2006 which will be available by 30 April.  

Lobbying for gender marker change. ‘Labrys’ has taken commitment to further lobby the possibilities of changing the gender marker and name legally for transsexuals in Kyrgyzstan. As of now we are preparing a strategy for advocating through medical institutions. The way through political means would be very difficult as Kyrgyzstan is going through yet another political turmoil. Our transitioning hero (it’s been one year since he received the diagnosis) has been to different courts and spoke to different judges. One advise to him was to go abroad to get a surgery (phalloplasty) that would make him a ‘real man’ (as judges defined man as somebody with a penis).  The judges’ comments remain without written refusals, therefore, we cannot challenge them in court. One written document that we have is refusal to take up a court case due to not presenting a medical form of ‘proper format’ (which does not exist). 
As of now we are hoping to discuss the issue with medical professionals and hold seminars for them with medics from Kazakhstan present (for the legislation on changing gender marker in Kazakhstan see

Cooperation with transgender activists in Russia.
‘Labrys’ has been in touch with Yaroslav who runs website (one of the best FtM information sites in Russian language) and Agneta . We plan to spread our transgender information materials through these online networks.

Articles about presentation of LGBT Situation in Kyrgyzstan (in Swedish)

Amnesty International:
RFSL (Swedish National LGBT Organization) Newsletter

Friendly event ‘Queer Easter’:

Also listen to broadcast of an interview about transgender situation in Kyrgyzstan: There will be two broadcasts on 6 May at 13:00 (German time) and 20 May at 13:00.



  1. Please give me information for people in St. P. I’m an American guest lecturer at a university here and I’m interested in being part of your organization. I’m a lesbian who needs to be part of this community in a socio-political sense.
    I want to know where you meet to discuss issues and to socially network.
    Please email some contact info.
    Thank you very much!

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