Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | October 18, 2007

Expert group addressing problems of Kyrgyz transsexuals to be possibly established

The work on ensuring constitutional rights for freedom of identity of transsexuals in Kyrgyzstan is continuing and has gone one step higher. Representatives of “Labrys”, Foundation “Soros-Kyrgyzstan”, law clinic “Adilet” and Kyrgyz Ministry of health (psychiatry department) have recently met for a working session. They discussed one of the most vital issues for transsexuals of Kyrgyzstan – sex re-determination and change of documents. The parties involved agreed that Kyrgyz Republic lacked necessary tools for addressing these issues, so the necessity of elaborating such mechanisms was stressed by all. Head psychiatrist of the Health Ministry Mr Beshkempirov and head specialist of the Republican Centre for Mental Health Mr Begmatov expressed their sincere interest in the case and promised their assistance.  

The discussion lasted about two hours, at the end of which the participants concluded that a more official working group was necessary to take the issue higher up. It was decided to send a letter to the Minister of Health on the possibility of creating a working group consisting of experts from the Ministry of Health, NGOs working with transsexuals and human rights advocacy organizations, which would be under the Ministry’s authority. The expert group then would be assigned with analyzing international regulations and standards on sex determination, and elaborating corresponding mechanisms and internal normative documents for the Ministry of Health required for sex determination and change of documents. It was proposed that the working group would consist of the following specialists – Head Psychiatrist of the MH, specialists on child, young adult, and adult psychiatry, lawyers of the MH and Republican Centre for Mental Health, representatives of “Labrys”, “Adilet” and “Soros-Kyrgyzstan” foundations. The latter also expressed its readiness to supply the working group with necessary expert, technical and financial assistance. This letter is currently under review in the Ministry of Health. 

Contrary to some expectations, this meeting went very smoothly in a tolerant atmosphere. The participants were correct in understanding the essence of the problematic, if not in the phraseology – which was evident in the language of the governmental psychiatrists. Regardless of this, however, it was gratifying to be a part of the unofficial working group – all members of which were sincerely interested in the most positive outcomes for the transsexuals of Kyrgyz Republic.


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