Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | November 27, 2007

FtM Transsexual attacked by two drunk men in Bishkek city center

Just six days after vigil on Transgender Remembrance Day Labrys received a report about a transphobic attack. Around 10 pm on 26 November 2007 FtM transsexual M. (initials changed for confidentiality purposes) was attacked at intersection of Kievskaya and Sovetskaya streets in Bishkek. Two drunk men came to him and asked ‘Young lady, would you like to get acquainted with us’. After their request have not been answered the men asked whether the guy was a man or a woman. They said, ‘if you are a man, we can talk like men [fight] and if you are a woman like this, we will correct you’. M. tried to run away and walked inside a supermarket. The men followed M. into a shop and around the shop. M. asked for shop’s security guard for help but the guard asked him to leave the shop leaving him alone on the street with two assaulters. The assaulters continued to shout whether M. was a man or a woman and grabbed him. M. started running and they followed him until they got tired. M. returned home after two hours of wandering around the city trying to avoid the intersection where he was attacked. He was in a state of shock when he contacted Labrys.  This situation is unfortunately very common for many LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan.


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