Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | February 14, 2008

Labrys – 4 years in existence, 2 years registered and making the news about gender marker change

It’s been four years since two women kissed in a cafe and were asked to leave which marked a start of Labrys as an organization. It’s been exactly two years since Labrys was registered with Kyrgyz Ministry of Justice as an ‘Public Association for Protection of Vulnerable Groups of Women’. Within the past two weeks two FtM transsexuals received their diagnosis papers stating that ‘change of legal documents is recommended’.
Today ‘Labrys’ held a press conference to present the results of its work and once again raise LGBT rights as human rights. Yet the journalists focusing on ‘hard news’ and ‘exotic’ chose to report about the Ministry of Health agreeing to start a working group on gender marker change for transsexual and intersex people.  During the press conference Advocacy& PR department manager Syinat Sultanalieva made a statement about Labrys achievements. An LGBT-friendly Russian Orthodox Priest Father Maksim was invited to speak at the conference about LGBT issues and religion.

Information in Russian is available here.


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