Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | April 19, 2008

“Independent” Uzbek journalists distort information on militia visit to Labrys

On 9 April 2008, PRESS-UZ, an “independent” news agency of Uzbekistan, published an offending article about the surprise militia visit to Labrys, which was reported on our blog previously. The article, titled “Kyrgyz Militia Checked Pederasts and Prostitutes from Netherlands”, cites Kyrgyz news agency “” as the source of its information. However, the stark difference between the methods of delivering information of Uzbek and Kyrgyz agencies may be identified at the very beginning of the article. Just the title of the article already reflects the distorted and slanderous information contained in the body.

The article describes Labrys as an organization defending interests of “pederasts” and “prostitutes”. It also implies that the official dinner with participation of national and foreign partners of Labrys, the Board and the staff was a “sexually perverted” party.

Connected to this the article reminds its readers that Netherlands was among the first countries in the world, which legalized prostitution, “sodomy”, and usage of drugs. It is further on added that a number of Dutch NGOs aspire to diffuse such “European values” on the territory of CIS countries.

The original article may be found here:

In response to this extremely slanderous piece by “independent” Uzbek journalists, Kyrgyz human rights defender Dmitriy Kabak has sent the editors a letter of protest in which he questioned their ethics and adherence to providing objective truth. Uzbek journalists did not stay behind and provided a response, in which they countered Kabak’s protests with ones of their own, again calling Lesbian women, Gay men, Bisexual and Transgender people “sexual perverts”. According to their response, Uzbek journalists are against the “propaganda” of non-heterosexual orientations, which, in their opinion, undermine the traditional family values.

The response article may be found at:



  1. That portal is worthless. I honestly do not think anyone goes there for news at all.

    Either way, by the sound of it, it very well can be a propaganda/branding/public opinion behemoth. By referencing it and its work you are just giving it credibility.

  2. Dear K,
    I agree with you that the portal is useless. Yet we want to note that this kind of homophobia is present in Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan. I do not think that we are giving it credibility.

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