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‘Transgender people in love’ features Kyrgyz guy’s story

Transpeople in Love book Cover

Transpeople in Love book Cover

We are becoming more and more global.  There is a new book which will be out in August that features a story of one of the transgender guys who has been with Labrys from its very beginning. Congratulations to Dan and to other transbois on this achievement.


Trans People in Love
Editors: Tracie O’Keefe & Katrina Fox
Foreword: Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carrellas

An anthology of real-life stories by trans people across the globe of being in love

Published by Routledge, July 2008 – AVAILABLE NOW!

About the Book
Trans People in Love is a illuminating resource for members of the trans community and their partners and families; gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and intersex people; sexologists; sex therapists; counselors; psychologists; psychotherapists; social workers; psychiatrists; medical doctors; educators; students; and couples and family therapists.
Trans People in Love provides a forum for the experience of being in love and in relationships with significant others for members of the trans community. This honest and respectful volume tells clinicians, scholars, and trans people themselves of the beauty and complexity that trans identity brings to a romantic relationship, what skills and mindsets are needed to forge positive relationships, and demonstrates the reality that trans people in all stages of transition can create stable and loving relationships that are both physically and emotionally fulfilling.

This important book features a wide range of relationships from monogamous heterosexuality and queer partnerships to lesbian vampire polyamory and BDSM  from around the globe, and reveals the diverse experiences of people in different cultures. These real-life love stories are widely varied, sometimes happy, at times tragic, many times erotic, but always honest. This book transcends gender issues and stands as a testament to the true power of love.
• Foreword (Kate Bornstein and Barbara Carrellas)
• Acknowledgments
• 1. Switcheroo (Stenton MacKenzie)
• 2. My Desire to Be All Woman (Armanda Scheidegger)
• 3. Our Trip to Vancouver (Jody Helfand)
• 4. To Fight, Live, and Love at the Gender Border (Isaac Lindstrom)
• 5. Perfect Day (Susan Stryker)
• 6. A Transgressor’s Love (Andrés Ignacio Rivera Duarte)
• 7. I’m Not a Lesbian, My Wife Is: Norms and Perceptions in a Trans Marriage (Gypsey Teague)
• 8. Nick and Mark (Nick Laird)
• 9. Beyond Gender and Sexuality (Debra Hastings)
10. From Russia with Love (Orsekov Dan)
• 11. Queerly Beloved: How a Lesbian Love Survived Transition (Jacob Anderson-Minshall)
• 12. Sex and the Single Trannie (Monica F. Helms)
• 13. Between Shows: A True Story (Lee “Bridgett” Harrington)
• 14. To the Three Women I Loved in My Transgender Life
(Tiny Belly)
• 15. Bodies May Lie but Hearts Never Do (Nickolas J. McDaniel)
• 16. Satan and Lady Babalon: Polyamory Again at 64
(Rusty Mae Moore)
• 17. The Adventures of a Transman in Love, Sex, and Spirituality (Joseph J. Nutini)
• 18. Eternity Fields of Yokatatumba (Vidal Rousso)
• 19. My Husband Had a Sex Change—Shit Happens (Erica Zander)
• 20. Things of His (Jordy Jones)
• 21. Love Lost and Found (Martine Delaney)
• 22. From Queer to Eternity (Zayne Jones)
• 23. Kayla and Laura (Kayla Karstens)
• 24. Madam Carmen (Carmen Rupe)
• 25. Still Queer After All These Years: Reflections on Being in a Trans Couple (Joelle Ruby Ryan)
• 26. Notes for Trans People (Tracie O’Keefe)
• 27. Notes for Therapists (Tracie O’Keefe)
• About the Editors
• Contributors
The Editors
Tracie O’Keefe, DCH, is a clinical hynotherapist, psychotherapist, counselor, and sex therapist, originally from London, England. Since 2001, she has lived and practiced in Sydney, Australia. She is a trans woman who transitioned over thirty-five years ago and now runs the Australian Health & Education Centre, Sydney.
She is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), Australian Association of Sex, Educators, Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT), and registered with the Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Dr. O’Keefe is the author of many papers and articles on sex, gender, and sexuality diversity, co-author of Trans-X-U-All: The Naked Difference, the author of Sex, Gender & Sexuality: 21st Century Transformations, and the co-editor of Finding the Real Me: True Tales of Sex & Gender Diversity, an anthology of real-life stories by sex and gender diverse people of their gender journey. She is also the author of Investigating Stage Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for Life: Mind, Body, and Spiritual Excellence.
In addition to being a clinician and writer, Dr. O’Keefe is also a passionate campaigner for the rights of sex and gender diverse people. She was a founding member of lobby group Sex and Gender Education (SAGE) in Australia ( where she serves on its steering committee and can often be found educating bureaucrats and government officials regarding discriminatory laws and policies against trans people. More info at
Katrina Fox is a freelance journalist, writing predominantly for the GLBTIQ press. She is the editor of CHERRIE, a monthly magazine for lesbian and queer women in Australia and writes regularly for SX, a weekly arts, news, and entertainment magazine for the GLBTIQ community in Sydney, including a column “Keeping Abreast”. Her work has also appeared in DIVA, the UK’s national lesbian magazine, and Curve, a US national lesbian magazine. She is the co-author of Trans-X-U-All: The Naked Difference, the editor of Sex, Gender & Sexuality, and co-editor of Finding the Real Me. More info at
·                            ISBN: 978-0-7890-3572-1
·                            Binding: Paperback (also available in Hardback)
·                            Published by: Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis Group)
·                            Pages: 312
·                            List price ($USD) $32.95 (Paperback) or $95 (Hardback)
Ordering info:
Or your local GLBT bookstore.
Note: Book will be available in UK, Australian and European bookstores from end of August.


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