Posted by: kyrgyzlabrys | November 10, 2008

Labrys awarded the Go Visible Special Prize

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization Labrys has won the Special Prize of the “Go Visible” Award for achievements in defence and promotion of LGBTI rights at the 24th ILGA-World Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Awarded for the first time, the Go Visible Award has been initiated and donated by Ulrike Lunacek, Member of Parliament in Austria and Co-Spokesperson of the European Green Party. The award aims to recognize the hard work of LGBTI organizations worldwide with steady and regular projects and significant impact both on national and international levels.

The international jury panel is comprised of 15 independent human rights activists, professionals and opinion leaders, who based their choices on creativity and sustainability of candidate organizations, impact on media, and organizational focus on empowerment of women.

The Go Visible Award ceremony greeted the three representatives of Labrys, who have been invited as scholars to the 24th ILGA World Conference in Vienna, with a long round of standing ovations – both from partner organizations of Labrys from CIS and individual activists.

The Go Visible Award has inspired Labrys to achieve even more in defence and promotion of LGBT rights within the hostile environment of largely homophobic Kyrgyzstan. This recognition is very important to Labrys, its staff and volunteers, who do their work relentlessly and without any personal vanity.



  1. Your bravery and advocacy is admired and emulated by people across the world. Rock On!

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